Memorials & Dedications.
The Memorial Park Landscaping, snow and ice is not maintained during the winter months.

Important Announcement

In April we were made aware by one of the founders that the adjoining property at 595 Main St was up for sale. Through some behind the scene discussions we were able to find out that the town of Boylston was very interested in the rear of the 595 Main St property in order to extend their parking lot for the Town House and Fire Department..

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Men and women wearing red vests, leather motorcycle breeches and patches from dozens of fire departments gazed at the object with reverence as their parked Harley-Davidsons and Yamahas waited quietly to be revved up.


our history

During the summer of 1982 several firefighters were visiting "Randy's Cycle Shop" in Boylston, Massachusetts and the subject of motorcycle clubs came up. Soon they were all grousing about the fact that law enforcement people had a motorcycle club known as the Blue Knights but there was no club for firefighters.


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